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OML have their own International network of associates in whose association we provide an exclusive single window package of services for movement of the exhibits of the International exhibitors, right from their origin up to exhibition stands across the world.

OML have chosen their associates around the world who have experience in this field of International exhibitions cargo movement and are leading specialized agencies in their respective countries. With a freedom of selecting top quality forwarding agent in any part of the world, we have not confined ourselves to any particular chain, to ensure the best quality and efficient services.

Orient Marine Lines has carefully built up its International Network of agents based on their specialization and experience in the International Exhibition Industry. Our International Network spans the globe, and each of our agents are renowned specialists in their respective region in handling, forwarding and clearing of exhibition cargo. Most of OML associates have been regularly appointed by official exhibition logistics agency by various trade associations, government bodies and exhibition organizers for their shows & as well as other sponsors of group participation from their countries. This proximity to the exhibitors enables us to develop clients in the initial stages of their participation.

Our independent network of specialized agents, who are also Official Logistics Service providers at exhibition venues around the world, gives us advantage to offer best available services to our clients. With them, we can choose our agents to provide best suited services for any particular requirement.

With our network, our reach extends to any part of the globe to attend to specific needs of our client, related to movement of goods right from their doorsteps.

We are member of INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION LOGISTICS ASSOCIATION (IELA) and actively participate in association activities for development of this sector.

As one of the leading Exhibition Logistics Company in India, having a natural proactive thinking ability, we have acquired a solid reputation for effective networking among our channel partners across the globe within the industry.